Bonjour Philipe,

 I wish my written French was sufficient to make myself at least understood but I'm sure my grammar would bewilder you. However, perhaps your English is better than my French.

(I can read it and speak it somewhat so feel free to reply in French, if you like.) I'm writing from Vancouver, British Columbia concerning the 'de Hennezel' family. I also come from a family long associated with the glass making business. My Grandmother's maiden name was 'Dancer'. and wherever there have been glassworks in England, you'll also find Dancer decendents. My greatgrandfather's family were glassblowers in Barnsley, Yorkshire at the beginning of the 20th century.  Formerly, in Ireland, the family were involved in the development of Waterford glass. The Dancers trace their lineage to Eleanor of Aquitaine and were powerful in England during the War of the Roses.  In Ireland, the first Baronet Dancer (also sheriff of Waterford) was married to the daughter of Amyrault, the famous Huguenot theologian and founder of a Calvinist sub-sect. My greatgrandfather's name was 'Ambrose' or 'Amboise' in French-- another Huguenot activist as you probably know and a name which comes down through the family. There is more that I could tell you, but first I have a question which perhaps you can answer. The name de Hennezel became anglicised to Henzy, I know. I have an intuition, however, (and also some training in linguistics) that it might also have changed to "d'enzy" and from there to "Dansey" and then "Dancer".  Do you know anything to substanciate this? Certainly there are some interesting parallels in our family histories. I can't find the name "Dancer" among any Huguenot surnames although that is their origin, and I've encountered various conjectures about the name but most are unsatisfactory. I'd be grateful for any information, or any direction you can point me towards, and I'd be happy to return the favor as my research progresses.

 Best Wishes,

 Anna van Blankenstein

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